Horizontal Boring Mill in Taiwan Fortworth

Established in 1988, FORTWORTH has been engaged in development and manufacture of boring and milling machine in Taiwan for many years. All our boring mill machines are designed and manufactured with finest craftsmanship for maximum accuracy, stability and processing.
We have won the approval of all our domestic and overseas customers due to our superior quality and service. Today, Fortworth's boring mill series is used throughout the world, offering optimum efficiency and cost effective performance to metal working shops.

Outstanding Features of Our High-Precision Horizontal Boring Mill:

1.All machines are manufactured of highest quality cast iron.
2.Box type column, bed and saddle features outstanding stability in heavy duty cutting. All slide ways are hardened, precision ground and scraped for lasting precision.
3.The X and Z-axes are equipped with ballscrew ensure the table movement smoothly.
4.Headstock, table and saddle equipped with hydraulic clamper to ensure machining accuracy.
5.Spindle headstock balance is accurately taken and a counter weight permits the head to travel smoothly and to retain its accuracy stability.
Our product lines can be divided into four categories, including the CNC horizontal boring mill, horizontal boring mill, bed type vertical boring mill and knee type vertical & horizontal milling machine. The following are our boring mill machines:

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